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PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 10:13 am    Post subject: Individual State Recycle, Yard Sale & Grocery deals! Reply with quote

How does this benefit YOU?
You get to get rid of excess stuff, thus decluttering your lives while getting things for free & knowing where local grocery & in-store deals can be found including local yard sales & sweepstakes.
Therefor helping to feed, clothe & entertain your family while helping those in need.
Many people need others help, but are afraid to ask.
Thanks to groups like these, people have somewhere to turn for local freebies & financial help without the embarrassment, plus it's fun!

...It is similar to other freebie and recycle groups in the sense that the group is for offering & recieving free items...
However - here you can post your Yard Sales as well (as long as you are offerring freebies at the sale) & you can also post great local deals such as grocery ads or an item scanning cheaper than what it's priced at & local sweepstakes.
Other similar groups may be bigger, but that can mean disapointment if a freebie item gets posted & swamped.
Our groups seem to be building, which is a good thing in ways of helping each other out through other local freebie means not just 'haves & wants'.
It's about local community involvement in other area's that include freebies Smile

We are a non-profit community helping others by giving away various items. NO TRADING OR SELLING HERE - Everything is totally FREE!
You come here if you need or are giving away an item.
Please keep all your dealings/postings legal & appropriate for all ages.
NO selling & No links to other sites!

YOU MAY ADVERTISE YOUR YARD SALE as long as you're offering freebies at your garage sale.
YOU MAY POST GROCERY DEALS & other great deals found in this state.

This should be a happy place for everyone - Have fun
PS: Be sure to Spread the Word!

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