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PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2006 3:17 pm    Post subject: Saving Energy = Saving Money Reply with quote

Can you believe my horror when I opened my bill this month & discovered it was $110.85 MORE than usual?!
I knew it was wrong because my family had just started the 'Kids can save more - money savings challenge!'

I knew that my kids had been going that extra mile to save, I've seen the results of thier efforts alot lately. So, I called the power company & explained to them this situation.
Naturally, they thought I was just a hysterical client, but I kept on persisting & insisted that they please resend someone out again to re-read the meter. Perhaps it was faulty?
After all was said & done, 2 days later someone did come out & a day after that, I recieved an interesting phonecall...
"Ms. Price, we were wrong, by $110.85 on your bill. A new, corrected amount on this bill will be sent out immediantly. It looks as though the worker read your meter incorrectly. Don't worry it only happens 1% of the time".

GOOD GRIEF!!! Times that 1% by how many people in this world???
(and the 1% their figures, it could be more than that).
My point is: To error is human, it happens, no biggie...IF it's caught & corrected when it comes to a persons financial resources.
Had I not have caught this, I would have paid the bill & nobodu would ever have known it was $110.85 MORE than it should have been & my child would have been out any money due him for his extra efforts in actually saving money for the family. Did I make sure to point this out to them? You betcha! & I also requested proof of this mistake in writing so I would not have to pay for thier own mistake later on.
Watch your bills closely my friends & make sure to view any graphs they may include on the bill showing your daily averages. This way you can see how each month compares to others.

Now onto our 'Saving Energy = Saving Money' tips of the week...

Homeowners are realizing that it pays to be a friend to the environment. Seventy-eight percent of U.S. consumers say they would choose one house over another because of its energy efficiency, according to a recent Energy Pulse survey. Most would spend more too, expecting to recoup costs via lower utility bills and a higher resale price.

Improving the efficiency of your current residence can be financially rewarding as well, with up to $500 in government tax credits. Replacing old appliances and lighting with Energy Star products will pay off, as will finding and sealing existing energy leaks. Learn more about how to conserve energy in your home with our package of stories.

Energy-Saving Tips
Learn strategies for saving big bucks on your energy bills:

How Your Home Can Cut Your Tax Bill
Get tips for home improvements that will shave dollars off your taxes:,16417,1136754,00.html

15 Steps to a Greener Home
Find out why the Energy Star label is worth looking for, and get ideas for low-cost and low-effort improvements you can make right now:

Eco-Friendly Insulation
The materials we put inside our walls and ceilings are turning a deeper shade of green, with new versions of the old standbys, plus natural and recycled alternatives for this heat-saving necessity:,16417,1130563,00.html

Gallery: Cool Customers
Compact flourescents save big money and look good doing it:,25895,1544894,00.html

Solar Shingles
A seamless appearance—and generous tax breaks—make rooftop power plants more attractive than ever:,16417,1205726,00.html

Shrink Your Energy Bills
Making your home more energy efficient isn't rocket science:,16417,219638,00.html
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