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Savings Class ~ Smart Shopping Tips & obtaining Coupons

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Site Admin: secret sales exposed!

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 3:08 pm    Post subject: Savings Class ~ Smart Shopping Tips & obtaining Coupons Reply with quote

© 2012 and All Rights Reserved

Smart Shopping is NOT just about using coupons
"Whether you're using grocery coupons, internet shopping or just curious to learn how to stretch your income - the key to being a smart shopper is as easy as knowing how to shop, where to shop and when to shop"

Shop Year-Round & Never pay full price again!
You can get something for nothing and we’ll show you how!
Visit the 'Stretch That Dollar' individual state forums to find all of the best deals in your area! You'll also want to check out our FREEbies board.
Grocery coupons are not the only way to save money while shopping
There are many ways to save money when shopping for almost everything.

SHOPPING ONLINE (Our readers #1 favorite)
Our friends & family are still enjoying those wonderful $14.99 Panasonic Ice Cream Makers
Amazon had them & did we mention that surprise "secret sale" at Grave Yard Mall?
Beautiful Wood Pendulum Clocks are an amazing...$5 + FREEbies with every purchase.
You can still get these great deals & many more by visiting Our Hot Deals & Coupon Codes page


There are many B?G?Free deals listed there such as Buy 1 famous maker Sheet get 1 Free
& Our readers favorite: buy things like Diapers, Household items, Health & Beauty items, Etc... get FREE Gift Certificates with Amazon's ongoing deals listed there as well.

Remember: Holidays are always just around the corner - Stock up & Save today!
This way you wont get stuck with paying full price during the holiday seasons & special occasions.
Creating a gift closet is a must!

Shopping online provides a new shopping experience for many consumers. Many retailers have websites where they offer the same products found in their stores. There are also many retailers who just sell products online through their websites.

Many times items can be found online at great savings. Many online retailers off free shipping or have free shipping promotions.
Most internet retailers offer discounts by providing discount coupon codes for things like free shipping, percentages off or fixed dollar amounts off a purchase.
We have a free list of discount coupon codes for most of the popular online retailers at

PS: We also have a fantastic Hot Deals newsletter you can sign up for

In our free newsletter, we will inform you of any special new deals that are usually limited-time-only.
We also give things away to our free newsletter subscribers.
These deals are not posted anywhere else, so you'll wanna make sure to sign up asap & never miss out on another great online deal again

Recently our newsletter subscribers were also able to take advantage of a major sale offered from a StretchThatDollar / ToysRus ONLINE Only link with discounts of 85% off + free shipping.
What's even better is we later discovered this deal was mentioned on television, however, we took it a step further & found a way to get ya' FREE items on top of this deal that nobody else mentioned Smile
We live up to our name: StretchThatDollar

With a better price, no shipping charges, increased internet shopping security, no hassle of going to the store and further discounts available with our discount/coupon codes, online shopping has been growing in popularity so much that most people prefer to only shop for gifts online.
A great newsletter such as ours,is a PLUS for so many.
It has become a first stop for many smart shoppers.
Planning ahead helps save shoppers amazing amounts of money

Save Your Money!
Too often people feel that clipping coupons is a waste of time, so they simply pass on learning how to save their money - effectively & profitably.
By using coupons, smart shoppers have learned to live on a grocery budget of $45 a week & have H-U-G-E Stockpiles!
All it takes is the proper knowledge & know-how.
- Coupon shoppers are saving more than they ever dreamed.
We're here to show you how YOU can do this too
& unlike other sites who focus more on what they can sell you, with we care about your savings & we keep things F-R-E-E!

Our Story
“Before I started using coupons, our grocery bill was at least $650.00 a month.
This also included cleaning items, deodorants, food, etc.
It took quite sometime before I really started to see my budget improve. Then,one day I dicovered a coupon/refund site where they required you to sign up. While over time, I did learn the tools needed to be a true smart shopper,I noticed at that particular site there was ALOT of focus on things they were advertising for a profit, things that were just not that good of a bargain.
So I decided it was definately time that I go on my own with a few skills I had learned & study many other sources of frugality.
After 10 years,I had learned so much that I was rewarded as the Utah Good Deals leader & honored to share a few of my tips in USA Today amongst other great places!

That's when was started.
We not only discuss grocery & coupon deals, but we also post any online deals we find that are TRUE online hot deal alerts.
We share our tips with each other & brag about any good deals we find.
Quickly there was a huge difference in what I was bringing home. My expenses went down & my food storage is "fit for a king".
Never would I imagine that our Shampoo's & so many other items would be free or close to it.

One of our most recent grocery shopping trip
22 Packages of Foster Farms Fresh Cut Chickens
& 13 Hamburgers
& 79 Suave Kids Shampoo's & 1 Pringles Chips
Our Total: $16.19 after coupons!!!
Look at the reciept above to see for yourself.

One NC lady has mastered these methods as well - Read this one of Tamara's great stories:
“ Today's deal was 4/12pk.'s of Pepsi products for a total including tax of .68¢ Shocked
They would have had to owe me money if I had used diet Pepsi coupons but Papa doesn't like Diet Pepsi.
How did I do it? Harris-Teeter sent me and my Dad loyal shopper coupons for $10 off any purchase and they had Pepsi products B1G1F (Reg. $4.99 each) so all I did was basically pay the sales tax.
They sent each of us six weeks of $10 off coupons, then on top of that if we use 5 of 6 weeks worth of coupons, then they will also send us a $25.00 gift card EACH.
This is also a big reason for a households members to each have their own savings card for the different grocery store because each one would get savings specials like this. Kroger also sends us these free item coupons.
I always get deals like this Mr. Green ” Tamara L. of NC

REMEMBER: You'll want to keep track of your own personal savings with our ~ SHOPPING SAVINGS LIST ~
Share it with a friend & see who saves the most each week,it's alot of fun!

Once you practice the above methods & find one that works for you,it quickly becomes easy to dramatically decrease your monthly grocery budget by an average of half & usually more than that in spectacular savings!

Where do you get Coupons?

The All You magazine is a great resource:

The most important step to these great savings is actually getting the coupons.
Each Sunday there are different coupon inserts in all major newspapers as well as middle of the week ads in my area it's in Wednesdays from various grocery stores that include coupons in them as well as the weekly sales.
You can base which coupons you need by making it a habit to view those ads weekly.
We also make a list of coupons on items that we use regularly such as: Cereal, Mayo., Coffee, Shampoo's, Rice a Roni, etc...
Then,we stock up on various coupons we feel we might use for a later date. Many times,people are unable to get in on a sale because they did not plan ahead. By keeping a good supply of coupons on hand regularly, you're always ready for a sale.
Sure, many coupons will expire before you get to use them, but they can be donated to the Military families who can use expired coupons & they are pleased to accept them.
Should a great sale come up & you find you do not have a coupon for it, no biggie, simply trade or pay someone for it.
Just make sure you'll recieve it time.
A StretchThatDollar readers favorite idea is to ask the cashier for a raincheck whenever a sale item is out of stock.
Not only will you get a sale price extended this way, but you will also have time to get coupons you may need as well as any extra money & time for these great shopping deals.

• A raincheck has to be given, at the advertised price, by law unless an ad clearly states there are limited quantities OR if the store has a consistent and clearly posted raincheck policy.
• The raincheck has to be honored within 60 days. If the item still isn’t available, they must give the customer other options, which may include purchase of a comparable item or an extension of the raincheck. In other words, the raincheck can’t expire. Other options have to be given.
Utah consumer Sales Practices Act, updated January 07. Raincheck info on pages 37-38
The CFR, updated 4/4/07 – look at guides against deceptive pricing and bait advertising
Consumer Affairs summary of the FTC rain check policy

Read further below for various sources on obtaining the coupons you need
Having multiples of each coupon enables a shopper to take advantage of the great deals by buying in bulk.
This helps you to build a stockpile -aka- food storage.
Obtaining multiples of coupons is easy!
Family, friends, neighbors and co-workers...

Too many places don't give away their "coupon sources".
Many will go so far as to will go on TV, on the Radio, in the newspapers & teach classes in hopes of acheiving the goal of creating tons of members so the owners can make an easy buck off online sales, which would be fine, however, they know the danger of too many people clearing off shelves & yet they do nothing to stop this from happening.
Instead they ask their members to print out their sites grocery lists & make business cards advertising for free for them, yet not letting others know that the greed behind this motivation does nothing short of making it harder & harder for others to share these deals.
It doesn't matter to the owners because as they grow larger, they continue to make online affiliate sales while the members who are trying to save a little -- rarely can get a really great savings because the items in the store are continuously all sold out & the owners still don't let their members know their coupon sources & super savings secrets.
Instead they will keep it to themselves & while they benefit greatly, the only way you get to benefit is only if you pay "such & such amount" for their so called coupon service on a yearly, monthly, weekly or 1x basis.
Hmmmm - That's just plain sick & greedy!

You will NEVER know where to get coupons so in the end - only they benefit because they get paid for whatever they choose to send you & you end out replying only on them because you don't know where else to go to accumulate coupons. are a few of my favorites that I'd like to share with you.
Why? 'cause the awesome people listed here are a special part of the 'Stretch That Dollar' community & we feel we're like an extended family - unlike "the other sites" all we really want is to help you save the maximum you can!
The only fee you'll see from these folks is a simple handling fee for only the coupons YOU want & in the quantities YOU need.
Eliminate the middle man & know where they go saves you alot of money & hassle + you get only what you want.

DON'T FORGET: We have some fabulous coupon traders on the Let's Trade board!

There are various other ways to obtain extra coupons as well...
Through online coupon groups provided by Yahoo & other forums


In those particular types of groups, you can trade coupons with others for what you are looking for. Most will also accept payment as a service fee instead of a trade.

There are also websites devoted to getting you ONLY the coupons you need & in the quantity you want.
This is where you pay people to find, cut & mail the coupons you are looking for to you. They list which coupons they have & the average cost is a mere .05¢ - .10¢ per coupon fee.

After doing a poll, it is discovered that our readers favorite suppliers include:

The Coupon Clippers

The Coupon Master - Begin Saving Today!

Coupons Things By Dede

Mollie's Form and Coupon Service
(tell her referred ya')

Reezz's Goodies
(Tell her referred ya' & E-mail her what you want at

Ursula Daberkow
(tell her referred ya')

Dennis Gleeson
(tell him referred ya')

Rebecca Addington
(tell her referred ya')




Individual State Recycle, Yard Sale & Grocery deals!
Here is THE ONLY PLACE where you go to find great Yard Sales that offer FREEbies as well as cool local shopping deals + things you want to give away or are looking for...for free!

You can also obtain many coupons through the Sunday papers. There are many newspapers that offer package deals.
Contact your local paper for more information or click here:

Another source of coupons is Printable coupons.

Many people also find coupon offers at many manufacturer websites such as Olay, Conagra, Kraft, Etc...
Simply call or email or write to them & ask to be placed on their mailing list.

Additional coupons and in-store savings can be found at most grocery stores.
There are coupons referred to as "blinkies".
These type of coupons are available in red machines set up in store aisles.
There are also in-store coupons referred to as "Catalina's".
These type of coupons are available at the register & the only way to get them is by buying certain amounts of specific items. These types of coupons are our favorites because many times,you can get $ off your entire next shopping trip.
Be sure to apply for free grocery store courtesy cards.
Most grocery chains have complimentary cards which provide extra discounts and savings at their stores. The store scans the card each time you shop & these discounts can also be combined with coupons for maximum savings.

Read each coupon carefully & Use your coupons wisely
Most coupons state “one coupon per purchase”
Specifically this means that each item bought is a purchase.
So,if 5 of an item is purchased, 5 coupons may be used (1 coupon for each item).
However,if a coupon states “one coupon per customer”
You may only use that coupon once.
It is rare for a coupon to state “one coupon per customer”,though.

Avoid using a coupon just because you have it
If there is a coupon for an item that is not a great deal and is not needed, do not use it. Unused coupons can be traded. There are also areas of the country where expired coupons can be used as well as some Military families who coupon that can use use them.

Watch the sales at different grocery stores
Attach coupons to the sales ads for valueable savings. Our members compare ads and coupons for the grocery sales each week. This takes less research by the coupon user and provides a place for other coupon users to share the great deals they find each week.
Check out the 'Stretch That Dollar' Individual State Recycle, Yard Sale & Grocery deals groups for any new deals found & post yours finds too!

Knowing the coupon policies at local stores takes a little practice. Go to the customer service desk and ask about their coupon policies. Some stores double and triple the value of coupons. Some stores will combine a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon. If a store has a coupon in their ad or in store and there is a manufacturer’s coupon such as a Sunday paper coupon -aka- SS for the same item, both can be used. While some stores will allow you to use their store coupon with a manufacturer coupon,you must note that 2 manufacturer’s coupons cannot be combined.
Knowing which stores accept competitor coupons, which stores price match ads & etc... is a valueable asset in saving the most you can.


Another phrase for this is "food storage"
When a great deal is found, buy in bulk.
This is why accumulating multiple coupons is necessary.
Buying a lot of one thing at a great price can lead to never having to pay full price again.

What does it mean to Stockpile?
This definately goes hand-in-hand with ones food storage. When a great deal is found, never be afraid to buy in bulk,as long as you are staying within your budget. This is why accumulating multiple coupons is of necessity. Buying a lot of one thing at a great price can lead to rarely having to pay full price again. For example, buying four months worth of peanut butter at a great price means peanut butter will not need to be purchased again until the stockpile is running low and by that time a new deal is usually found. This can be done with many items. Coupon savings will quickly pay for any stockpiling supplies purchased such as writing pens, shelves or plastic containers.


If you are going to use coupons successfully, you have to be organized!
'cause if you're not, you won't be able to find the coupons you need when the sale arrives. That leads to never saving a thing & you can get easily discouraged when this happens.
There are a variety of ways to organize and maintain coupons & things you can use for successful organization:
- A plastic shoebox with a lid found at most dollar stores
- A binder or box or flexible file with dividers & tabs at the top stating:
Cereal, Canned Foods, Cleaners & so on
- A plastic flex-type coupon organizers can be purchased at many stores.
- A zippered binder filled with photo pages or sports card pages.
- Our favorites are...
the Couponizer
& also
Amazon's Coupon organization items
& also
Recipies organization items work well too
& also
Card organization items work well too - such as a baseball card holder, business card holder, greeting card holder, etc
See all Amazon's organization items here

With some imagination, you'll find a fun method that works great for you.
Just be sure your coupons are divided and placed into categories for easy location while shopping.
There are many methods to saving and cutting the coupons and inserts.
Some coupon users will cut all coupons and file them in their coupon organizer right away. This way all of the coupons are available when shopping. If a surprise deal or sale is found, the coupon is ready.
While others cut only the coupons they are sure to use and leave the rest in the coupon inserts. When a sale or deal on a specific item occurs, they can go back to the insert and cut the needed coupons. If doing this, find a way to file and organize the inserts. Print or write out a list of which coupons are in each insert.

- When at item is on sale for B1G1Free often 2 coupons can be used.
Here's how:
Recently,a question arised on "piggy-backing" coupons legally...
So,I came up with a great 'rule of thumb' that will help you to save the best way you can when using coupons:
Naturally,it will always depend on the checkout clerk just how they'll accept these or not,but follow this advise & alot of times they will allow this method.
However,there have been a few times when they didn't accept coupons this way,but at least you have ground to stand on if they don't...
The most important part to know how to stand your ground on "piggybacking" is this:
Let's use this scenerio...
You are in the store & notice a great sale.
You have the following coupons:
$1/1 Max Cola when you buy 1 Mission Tortilla Chips
& $1/2 Mission Tortilla Chips.

How can you legally combine these 2 coupons? EASY!
Since the Cola coupon states that the $1 will be deducted from the Cola not the chips,it is good on the Cola, can use the chips coupon on the chips.
Technically,you are only using 1 coupon per product specified
I learned this from several store managers.

Now,let's use another scenerio...
You are in the store & notice a B1G1F (Buy1Get1Free) sale.
You have the following coupon:
Buy 1 Dentyne Gum,Get another one free.
How can you legally use this coupon to make both items totally free? EASY!
Since you will be paying tax on that so called free item & taking it out the store,it is definately a purchase,even though the product says it's free,it's not.
So,for every 1 b1g1f coupon,you put 2 items into your cart & only pay tax Wink
I learned this from several store managers as well.

“When you combine coupons with store sales you are able to easily stock up on things you normally would not be able to afford + you won’t have to buy them at full price”

- If the coupon says “off any size”, its often more profitable to use it on the smallest size such as Trial sizes.

- If the store is out of an advertised sale item, get a raincheck. Use it later with coupons.

- Avoid trips to convenience stores & corner stores. Too often,the prices of items there are higher.

- Don’t shop when you're hungry. This decreases impulse buys on products you really do not need.

- There is no single store that offers the lowest price on everything. They are all competing with great sales + when you combine your coupons with their sales,YOU'RE the one with the lowest prices.

- Watch for price mistakes when you're checking out. Many store policies state that if an item scans wrong,you get that item free or $3 off if it's over $3.
Also,Be sure all coupons are being deducted.

- Brand Loyalty? No Way! Don't be afraid to try out different brands. Eliminating brand loyalty will increase your savings leading to a better stockpile.
Generic brands are rarely as cheap as brand names when you buy brand named items on sale & with coupons.

- Plan your meals around items you already have on-hand in your stockpile. This way you don't have to run to the store to pay full price on last minute items & this gives you plenty of time to find new deals to stockpile on.
On top of the many food items,this also includes most household goods & toiletries.
Coupon savings will quickly pay for any stockpiling supplies purchased such as containers, shelves & organizers.

Shopping Smart is not just about using coupons, it's about saving money on everything you use.
- Looking for the CHEAPEST gas prices Nationwide??? Click Here:

- Watch for sales and clearances in your local stores.
This way you'll know where local stores keep their clearance items.
- Know by clicking here...

Which Restaurants offer free meals for the kiddos'
Home Remedies
Frugal Tips & more great money saving idea's
- Shopping at the end of a season for items needed the next year provides huge discounts. Become familiar with the sales cycles, know when different things are typically on sale.
"!!! Clearance deals listed by months !!!" POST LISTED HERE:
- Watch those prices at the checkout! Many times an item will scan incorrectly; most stores offer a scanning policy where if an item scans at the wrong pice,you'll get that item free. Check with your local stores & ask customer service for a copy of their policy & familiarize yourself with each stores policy. Extra incentives = extra money in YOUR pocket.

"Through the fun of being a Smart Shopper, you'll be able to enjoy better quality items and wider variety of brand name items you never would otherwise have been able to afford at amazingly cheap prices & sometimes free.”
It's YOUR money,quit throwing it away!

In closing I'd like to remind you Smart Shoppers that a special part of savings money is helping others. Please donate to the needy whenever possible. The rewards do not go un-noticed.

© 2012 and All Rights Reserved
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Site Admin: secret sales exposed!

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Sometimes I have days like that too Wink
See your next secret goldbox deal

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