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PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 5:10 pm    Post subject: How to Read & Decode a UPC Coupon Code Reply with quote

How to Read a UPC Coupon Code
Most all UPC Coupon Codes are made up of five sections and a total of 12 numbers. Each section is used to help match coupons to products and determine the value of the coupon.

1) All coupons should begin with the number 5, which is called the NSC or Number System Character.

2) Next comes a five digit (12345 above) manufacturer number. This number should match the manufacturer number on the product.

3) The next set of three numbers (678) is called the family code. This code is used to verify that the shopper has purchased the product which applies to the coupon.

4) The two numbers which follow the family code is called the value code. This determines the value of the coupon.

5) The final number is called a check digit. All UPC numbers contain a check digit which is automatically calculated based on the previous numbers on the UPC symbol.

Most all manufacturer grocery coupons use the coding shown above.
There are times when you may receive a grocery coupon which does not have any coupon code. Grocery store coupon game pieces, coupons found inside products, such as dog food, and coupons on packaging like bottle caps and can lids are the most common coupons found without the UPC codes.

Coupon Tips - Matching Products and Coupons
Decoding the UPC Code Can Increase Grocery Store Savings

Many times companies will distribute a coupon which is good for more products than just those pictured on the coupon. But how can shoppers know what other products are included if there is not a picture or the product name is not listed on the coupon?

Almost all coupons will contain a code of numbers called a UPC. Products also contain UPC codes. Generally if the first five numbers of the UPC coupon code match with the first five numbers of the UPC product code, than the coupon can be redeemed for those products.

Unfortunately many times the cashiers will go only by the pictures on the coupons, but it is worth a try. If you have the correct sizes and amounts required to use the coupon and it scans, generally the store will accept the coupon.
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