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Buy at Yard Sales, Thrift Stores or the Curb

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 6:52 pm    Post subject: Buy at Yard Sales, Thrift Stores or the Curb Reply with quote

One key trick to remember to save money on raising kids, is that you don't have to buy everything brand new. We don't have to be constant consumers.
Most kid toys and accessories are used for such a short period of time you are generally better off buying used items if possible.
Toys, bikes, tubs, clothes, strollers, can all be found used and in good condition. (A word of warning, I would not recommend buying used carseats, you are best to invest in a new one -- don't sacrifice safety)
Our children will not suffer from wearing a used t-shirt - in fact they'll more likely benefit from it.
Consider borrowing or swapping stuff with friends, neighbors or relatives & most especially - through FREEbie groups found here:

Kids toys are so cheap now that yards have become littered with plastic toys--my worry is what happens to those toys when people are finished with them--more likely than not they end up in landfills.
Just because things are cheap, doesn't mean we should buy them.
Over the years my parents have picked up dozens of plastic cars, houses, kitchens, sandboxes, slides and the like from the curbside.
They have given some to local day cares and others they are using until my nieces outgrow them. Alternately, look to purchase toys from the salvation army or other second hand shops--as they are usually in great shape, are even cheaper than what you would get at department stores and in the process you are salvaging items destined for a landfill.

For risk of sounding like a "well back in my day"...I really think that kids have too many toys. I find that my grandkids are more interested in playing with unconvential toys then the one's I buy for them. For example, letting them play in the tupperware drawer could entertain them for hours. A few beans locked in a small tupperware makes a great noisemaker--add a wooden spoon and you are all set. I have spent hours with a deck of cards and a 1 year old--they love them. Ultimately kids don't need all those kid toys, you just need to be a little creative. Just because toys are cheap, doesn't mean we need to buy so many.

Childrens Clothes: Cash in on deals at the end of the season
Just with adult clothing--look to buy at end of season sales--simply guess what size your child will wear the following spring and stock up on sale spring items. Target and Old Navy, in particular, have huge end of the season sales where you can get great prices--new items as low as $0.99!! Check out Targets printable coupons before you shop: and consider using a Gap Credit Card for your Old Navy purchases as you can collect points to qualify for $10-$15 off coupons.

Consider Cloth Diapers
The cost of diapers is outrageous! Conservative estimates for money sunk into diapers per year per kid are $800. And now that kids are sticking with diapers for 3 years, that's $2400 wasted. You can purchase enough cloth diapers to last through all of your kids for $300-800 depending on what brand you get. Or you could sign up for a diaper service if you don't want to wash yourself--this is more comparable in price to disposable diapers, but much better for your kids and the planet.
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