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Proof that overweight people do not necessarily overeat

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 1:46 pm    Post subject: Proof that overweight people do not necessarily overeat Reply with quote

Insulin, the hunger hormone in your blood can slow down your metabolism, make you increasingly hungryer, make it harder to lose weight and easier to gain weight. Insulin has had a dramatic impact on people who are struggling to control their weight. Insulin not only responds to what you have eaten; it also stimulates an appetite for more. (That is why it is known as the hunger hormone.)

In an obesity study, subjects whose insulin levels were stimulated by drinking sugar water "out-ate" the control group by over 500 calories, when set loose at a buffet.

Insulin not only stimulates your appetite; increased levels of insulin can actually slow your metabolism and cause your body to store fat more easily. Therefore you will not only feel hungrier more often on an insulin-boosting diet, you'll also be more likely to gain weight. And if you're already over-weight, you already have more insulin than you should in your bloodstream; the more overweight a person, the more insulin he has in his system.

Notice that you will be starving a few hours after eating a sugary snack? This overpowering urge to continue eating sweets is a function of the insulin levels in your body. The increased levels of the hunger hormone after a snack tell your brain that you are even more hungry.

The major-insulin boosters are sweets. The fact is that eating a candy bar can make you ravenous within a couple of hours. And, as most failed dieters know, sweet binges are self-perpetuating. A handful of cookies in the morning can spell disaster for the whole dieting day.
Cutting down on the fat will have a dramatic effect on your weight loss. FAT MAKES FAT!! There's evidence that fatty foods can slow down glucose metabolism and create an abnormally high level of insulin in the body.

There are those who say, "I get fat just looking at food". It is now proven that in some people just the sight or even the thought of food can make their insulin levels surge, thus making them hungry. When blood samples were taken after showing hyper-responding people a juicy, sizzling steak there was a jump in insulin levels and therefore a dramatic jump in their level of hunger.

Artificial sweeteners, have the same effect on insulin levels as natural sugar!

Stress can slow down your metabolism. When the body is faces with stress of any kind--a traffic jam, an illness, an over-wrought boss or even the stress of dieting --it releases anti-stress (adrenal) hormones, particularly norepinephrine. In a well-nourished, fit person, the body recovers quickly from the stress and goes on as before. Most average Americans are existing on what can be termed a "fast food" that depletes their reserves of micro-nutrients. When this happens, the body's fat-burning ability is impaired.

To reduce the effect of stress on your body and get your metabolism in high gear you need anti-stress vitamins and minerals (which can also help you control hunger and cravings and help you control stress) and you need to be active. (You may not even feel like being active now but once you get your metabolism corrected you will start losing weight and feel so good about it you will want to be more active to burn more calories).

A crash diet can lower your metabolic rate, sometimes as much as 20%, while exercise increases your metabolic rate so that even if your diet remains the same you will lose weight! Exercise stimulates your body to burn fat even after the exercise ceases. You will continue to burn off calories at a high rate for up to two hours after an exercise session.

You need an adequate number of calories each day (too few calories is as counter-productive as too many) A severe low-calorie diet can cause metabolism to slow down dramatically. It can cause a 15-30% decrease in metabolic rates.

Do not count calories....that is old fashioned and doesn't work. (You just have to break your meals down...not one or two or three big ones....Eat six times. You don't need a full course meal each time. Maybe one course for each of your smaller meals. Some eat a doughnut and coffee for breakfast, have some crackers and cheese for lunch and then it is no holds barred for dinner. An irregular eating pattern matter because your insulin levels are on a roller coaster, making it much more difficult to avoid quick fixes of sugar and caffeine and making you extremely vulnerable to cravings and binges.

Regular meals at regular times make it easier to improve your metabolism, help control your insulin dand therefore you lose weight. Bad eating habits make you feel terrible as well as make you gain weight. Eat real meals and realize how good you can feel.

If you took the food you will eat for the whole day and either ate it slowly over the course of the day or saved it all to eat at one meal your body is going to process it completely different. And you will be fat from eating the one big meal. (Fact: you can actually eat more calories, spread through the day and lose more weight than if you ate them all at once).

Breakfast is a must- oatmeal is a good choice with fat free milk.
You have been sleeping for several hours so you body has had nothing for hours. When your body doesn't receive calories it will slow your metabolism to conserve calories.
A bowl of cereal or toast and fruit are good for breakfast. You need something in your body before you begin your work day. The same with lunch.
You must have a real lunch---3-4 oz of protein (either fish or chicken) or a salad or soup-- or some other combination of foods that qualify as a proper lunch. And you must eat a real meal at dinner.

Pasta with red sauce are going to be starving because pasta is starch which will convert to sugar and the sauce is full of sugar (unless you make your own) so you will have an insulin spike!
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