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Pet Coupons & Offers & Sites & More!

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 12:16 pm    Post subject: Pet Coupons & Offers & Sites & More! Reply with quote

(Don't have a pet? These are great tips for donating to shelters as well).

Many Pet food industries are very competitive for our business. What does this mean for the 'average joe'? Lots of coupons, freebies & all-around great deals!
Hint: Our 'Buster' & 'Miss Kitty' enjoys it when we mix the freebie wet food w/ their regular dry food. Not only does it taste better, but it helps with their digestive systems.
Don't forget these tips for getting the very best deals:

Catalina’s: -aka- Checkout Coupons. These are the coupons that spit out of a machine found next to the cash register. These are usually blue & white or red & white, but can be any color & are based on specific purchases that change frequently.

Manufacturers Clubs: Manufacturers of pet products typically introduce “clubs” as a way for us consumers to get more coupons, savings, offers & freebies that are via invitation only through this way(signing up for their club).

Store Pet Clubs: Similar to above, except these usually work in conjunction with the store customer loyalty card.

Where to Sign up: For more information, visit these manufacturer sites and promotional offers...

Church and Dwight
(Arm and Hammer Pets, Lambert Kay)
Church and Dwight Contact

Del Monte Corporation
(9-Lives, Canine Carry-Outs, Cycle, Gravy Train, Jerky Treats, Kibbles-n-Bits, Meaty-Bone, Natures Recipe, Pounce, Pounce Purrfections, Pupperoni, Reward. Skippy, Snausages, Wagwells)
Del Monte Corporation Contact
Del Monte ThinkTreats
Del Monte ThinkTreats Contact

(Cesar, Pedigree, Sheba, Whiskas)
Mars Contact (for pet brands)

Natura Pet
(California Natural, Healthwise, Innova, Karma Organic, Mother Nature)
Natura Pet Contact

Nestle Purina
(Alpo, Aquari-Yums, Beggin Strips, Beneful, Busy Bone, Cat Chow, Ches Eez, Chew-rific, Deli-cat, Dog Chow, Essentials, Fancy Feast, Fit N Trim, Friskies, Hi Pro, Kibbles and Chunks, Kit 'N Kaboodle, Kitten Chow, Mighty Dog, Moist & Meaty, Pro Plan, Puppy Chow, Purina One, Secondnature, Tidy Cats, T Bonz Dog, Whisker Lickin's, Yesterday's News)
Nestle Purina Contact
Nestle Purina Newsletter
Snack Lovers Clucb

Proctor & Gamble
(Eukanuba, Iams)
Proctor & Gamble Contact
Proctor & Gamble Email
Proctor & Gamble Everyday Solutions Newsletter
Proctor & Gamble Brandsaver Offers
Proctor & Gamble Offers and Promotions

9-Lives Website
9-Lives Contact

Absorbine Veterinary Website
Absorbine Veterinary Contact
Absorbine Veterinary free Sample

Alpo Dog Food Website
Alpo Dog Food Contact
Alpo Dog Food Newsletter

Arm & Hammer Pets Website
Arm & Hammer Pets Contact
Arm & Hammer Pets Cat Club Newsletter
Arm & Hammer Pets Dog Products

Aquari Yums Cat Treats Website
Aquari Yums Cat Treats newsletter

Beggin Strips Dog Treats Website
Beggin Strips Dog Treats Newsletter

Beneful Dog Food (Purina) Website
Beneful Dog Food Newsletter

Benny Bully's Website
Benny Bully's Contact
Benny Bully's Free Samples

Bil Jac Website
Bil Jac Free Sample Challenge (cats)

Bitz n Bonez Dog Treats Website
Bitz n Bonez Dog Treats Free Sample

Breeders Choice Website
Breeders Choice Contact
Breeders Choice Sign-Up

Busy Bone Dog Treats (Purina) Website

Canine Carry Outs (Del Monte) Website

California Natural Website
California Natural Contact

Cat Chow (Purina) Website
Cat Chow Newsletter

Cesar Website
Cesar Contact
Cesar Newsletter

Chew Eez Dog Treats (Purina) Website

Chew Rific Dog Treats (Purina) Website

Country Pet Website
Country Pet Mailing List (receive a free item with the free sign up)

Cycle (Del Monte) Website

Deli-Cat (Purina) Website

Deramaxx Website (recieve a free Dog Pedometer, Toy & Rebate when you sign up for the "Steps to Play More" community)

Dog Chow (Purina) Website
Dog Chow Newsletter

Dog Gone Pain Website
Dog Gone Pain Free Sample

Dry Stall Horse Website
Dry Stall Free Sample

Eukanuba (Proctor & Gamble) Website
Eukanuba Contact (1)
Eukanuba Contact (2)
Eukanuba Newsletter

Fancy Feast Cat Food Website

Feline Pine Website
Feline Pine Rebates

Flint River Ranch Dog Food Website
Flint River Ranch Free Sample(1)
Flint River Ranch Free Sample(2)

Friskies Canned & Dry Cat Food Website
Friskies Newsletter

Gastralox (Cats)
Gastralox Free sample
Gastralox Free Starter Pack (Retailers Only)

Gravy Train Website

Greenies Website
Greenies Contact
Greenies Sample & Coupons
Greenies Share & Reward

Halo Pets Website
Halo Pets Contact
Halo Pets Sign-Up
Halo Pets Free Sample

Healthwise Website
Healthwise Contact

Hill's Pet Nutrition / Science Diet Website
Hill's Pet Nutrition Newsletter
Hill's Pet Nutrition Pet Fit Challenge Offers

Hi Pro Dog Food (Purina) Website

IAMS (Proctor & Gamble) Website
IAMS Contact
IAMS Contact Questions
IAMS Newsletter
IAMS Puppy

IHN Website
IHN Sample Request

Improve Website
Improve Contact
Improve Sample

Innova Website
Innova Contact

Jerkey Treats (Del Monte) Website

Karma Organic Website
Karma Organic Contact

Kibbles-n-bits (Purina) Website
Kibbles-n-bits Contact
Kibbles-n-bits Taste Guarantee

Kibbles and Chunks (Purina) Website

Kit 'n Kaboodle Cat Food (Purina) Website

Kitten Chow Cat Food (Purina) Website
Kitten Chow Contact
Kitten Chow Newsletter

Lambert Kay Pet Products Website
Lambert Kay Newsletter
Lambert Kay Offers Page

Maxwell's Natural Pet Food Website

Meaty Bone (Del Monte) Website

Meow Mix Website
Meow Mix Newsletter (top right-hand side of the page)

Mighty Dog (Purina) Website
Mighty Dog Contact
Mighty Dog Newsletter (Free can of dog food with registration)

Milk Bone Website
Milk Bone Contact
Milk Bone Parents Club

Moist & Meaty Dog Food (Purina) Website
Moist & Meaty Contact

Mother Nature Website
Mother Nature Contact

Nature's Recipe Website
Nature's Recipe Breeders Program

Nature's Variety Website
Nature's Variety Free Sample
Nature's Variety Breeders Club Savings

Nature Zone (Reptile Pets) Website (Register for free samples & more)

Newman’s Own Pet Food Website
Newman’s Own Contact

Nutro Products Website
Nutro Products Contact
Nutro Products Frequent Buyer Club (free coupons w/ registration)
Nutro Products Breeders Program & Offers

Nylabone Website
Nylabone Contact
Nylabone Club Nyla

Pedigree Website
Pedigree Contact
Pedigree Newsletter

Pet Promise Website

Pounce (Del Monte) Website

Pounce Purfestions (Del Monte) Website

Pupperoni (Del Monte) Website

Puppy Chow Dog Food (Purina) Website
Puppy Chow Contact
Puppy Chow Newsletter
Puppy Chow Complete Puppy Care Program

Purina Kittenwise Website

Purina Naturals Website
Purina Naturals Contact
Purina Naturals Free sample

Purina One Website
Purina One Contact
Purina One Free Offer

Purina Pro Plan Website
Purina Pro Plan Contact
Purina Pro Plan Free Trial Offer

Purina Snack Lovers Club Website

Reward Website

Safe Guard Dewormer Website (Free sample w/ registration)

Schmackos (Mars) Website
Schmackos Free Sample

Scoopex Website (Free sample w/ registration)

Secondnature Dog Litter System Website

Sheba Website
Sheba Contact

Skippy Dog Food Website

Snausages (Del Monte) Website

Tidy Cats Cat Litter Website

T Bonz Dog Treats (Purina) Website

Triple Crown Pet Education Website
Triple Crown Free Cat Tips
Triple Crown Free Dog Training Packet

Wagwells (Del Monte) Website
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