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PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 3:37 pm    Post subject: 25 effective ways to: Stay Calm, Healthy, and Present Now Reply with quote

HINT: Netflix, Amazon, Bass Pro Shops, Home Depot, WALMART, Chilis, Bath and BodyWorks, Pizza, Burger King, Cracker Barrel, Cheesecake Factory, HULU, Sirius, and MANY more gift certificates (including LOCAL) are 10% or more off right now! Great time to buy essentials & to treat yourselves too. Don't delay on that deal! Once all this passes will go up again.

These days it can feel like weíre living in an alternate universe. Activities that seemed totally normal just two weeks ago ó getting drinks with friends, going to see some live music, or having Sunday night dinner with our parents ó are now unimaginable. Down is up and up is down. Nothing makes sense and many of us are understandably disoriented and anxious.

And unless youíre a doctor, nurse, or the owner of essential business (and if you are: THANK YOU) thereís really not much we can do about it besides stay home, wash our hands, and try to take care of our own mental and physical health.

So, letís focus on doing that to the best of our ability.

As a health writer, Iíve tried just about every wellness and self-care practice out there. Here are the ones that Iím learning on right now to stay calm, healthy, and present.

Magnesium: A lot of it. In basically all forms. Iíve been using Epsom salt bath soaks from Dr. Tealís, an Ancient Minerals magnesium lotion foot massage before bed, and this Natural Calm Sleep supplement with GABA, l-theanine, and melatonin (which, for the record, is a shockingly strong sleep supplement.)

(Not) planning ahead: At this point, we just donít know when life will return to normal. Itís not the time to dream up your next vacation or plan, well, anything. Instead, my therapist recommends we take it one day at a time.

Therapy: Speaking of therapists, this is a great time to talk to one (on the phone or video chat, of course) especially if you feel lonely or like you canít get a handle on your anxiety symptoms. You can also try text therapy apps like Talkspace.

Lavender essential oil: An oldie but goodie. A dab of lavender under my nose or on my wrist never fails to help me take a nice long deep breath.

Treating myself: Whether it be one of these healthy Instagram desserts, some new loungewear from Aerie, or these Be Bright duo sheet masks from Rael, Iíve been home for over 12 days and Iíve earned it.

Greens powder: If like mine, your local grocery store is low on greens ó only leaving subpar varieties like romaine and cabbage (gasp!!) ó then its time to invest in a high-quality greens powder to pick up the slack. I like Athletic Greens and this Garden of Life Raw Organic Greens Superfood Powder.

Workouts: And I donít mean a gentle barre or yoga class, either. Iím talking a holy-cow-my-legs-are-burning and sweat-is-dripping-off-my-nose type of workout, like the ones Sweat440 is sending out to their subscribers. Believe me, this is the best way to burn off nervous, unsettled energy.

An herbal heating pad: To soothe my sore muscles after my workout, I lean on my herbal heating pad, which provides comfort to sore muscles and smells AMAZING. If you donít already have one, try supporting small businesses and order one off of Etsy.

Getting outside: Do this at least once a day, even if itís only for 10 minutes. Feel the sun on your skin, it will help, I promise.

Grounding: While youíre outside, try taking off your shoes and walking on the grass, in the sand, or on the bare earth. Itís strangely comforting and might even be beneficial for your immune system.

Honoring the weekends: This is a little something a learned when I transitioned to full-time freelance writing. You may think you can work on a Saturday but then all of a sudden Monday feels like Friday and you run out of steam.

Dance: Seriously, dance your heart out! Join lifestyle blogger Liz Moodyís 3 p.m. dance parties or download this 90ís Quarantine playlist from Serena Wolfe.

CBD: Iíve been dropping this full-spectrum nano emulsified CBD oil from Hemple into my water while I work; it helps keep my calm and allows me to focus on the task at hand.

Leaning into guilty pleasures: Want to watch Pirates of the Caribbean for the third time this week? Binge on the Bachelor from two seasons ago? Read nothing but Nicholas Sparks novels? If it makes you feel good, do it.

Establishing a daily routine: The keyword here is ďestablish.Ē Create a rough outline of how you want your day to go and if it falls apart by 1 p.m., donít sweat it.

Prioritizing skincare: Speaking of routine, now is a great time to fine-tune your skincare routine and establish good habits like cleaning your makeup brushes. (I know itís a drag but letís be honest: You donít have any other plans)

Do your hair: Iíd never tell you to wear jeans to work from home (Iím not a monster). But I will strongly suggest washing your face, doing your hair, and generally feeling put together. Then, even if you put your sweatpants back on youíll feel like you from the neck up.

Anxiety blankets: If youíre self-isolating solo like me, "The Napper" (from Bearby) is an investment but itís also a game-changer.

4-7-8 breathing: I know that I ó *should* ó be meditating, but sitting in silence with my thoughts isnít at the top of my list right now. Luckily, the 4-7-8 breath is super calming and you can do it while you work, while you cook, or while you watch TV. (Hereís how.)

True Crime podcasts: Iím typically a scaredy-cat but now is the time to get lost in something. Try Serial or Dirty John and take a break from worrying about the pandemic and worry about something else instead!

Herbal tea: Herbal tea is the perfect drink to get you through any stay at home order. You can drink it warm with honey or make a large batch and ice it. This way, you have something refreshing to drink that doesnít have any sugar or take up a ton of space in the fridge.

Remembering good posture: You may be working from your dining room table, but you can still try to set up your workspace to decrease neck and back tension. (Hereís what you should be aiming for.)

Vitamin C: Top doctors, like those from the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, have recommended vitamin C as a supplement to support immunity in the face of coronavirus. Iím taking 2,000 mg a day, it makes me feel like Iím doing something proactive ó and thatís enough.

Setting boundaries with your phone: Find yourself refreshing the news every 15 seconds? Put your phone in another room for an hour while you work. Deep work is the best way to ground yourself.

Donít forget community: Now is the time to learn on the ones you love and let them lean on you. Schedule a group Facetime happy hour, play trivia, or just talk with friends about your day. Try to keep the COVID-19 conversation to less than half of the conversation. Instead, ask them questions about their childhood or a book theyíre reading.

Try one, two (or all!) or these 25 things and watch how your body and mind respond. Youíll feel happier, calmer, healthier, and better able to navigate this unprecedented time with a clear head.

HINT: Netflix, Amazon, Bass Pro Shops, Home Depot, WALMART, Chilis, Bath and BodyWorks, Pizza, Burger King, Cracker Barrel, Cheesecake Factory, HULU, Sirius, and MANY more gift certificates (including LOCAL) are 10% or more off right now! Great time to buy essentials & to treat yourselves too. Don't delay on that deal! Once all this passes will go up again.
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