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PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 1:52 pm    Post subject: Weightloss Foods to help eliminate Diabetes & other dese Reply with quote

*avocados (90% fat so go easy)
*Green tea and black tead
*Vitamin E
*whole wheat bread and cereals
*vinegar and olive oil, instead of creamy dressings.
*fish several times a week
*olive oil
*1/4 tsp of cinnamon a day lowers diabetes risk by up to 29%.
*Apples - Mid meals -unsalted nuts, oranges, yogurt.
*Hot chili peppers may help fight diabetes by reducing the insulin needed to control blood sugar spikes.
*Cocoa is rich in antioxidant flavonoids called flavanols (dark chocolate)
*Use oils or real mayonnaise on salads and cooked vegetables

*eggs should be cooked in oil or prepared without fat

*reduce animal fats (red and processed meat) by replacing with fish, poultry, nuts and beans will help prevent diabetes. Eating lots of nuts, as an alternative protein source.

* wheat germ (the best source of zinc, a component of insulin).

*Always eat breakfast.

*B vitamin complex are extremely important for a diabetic (B-150 at Wal-Mart) along with magnesium. Saturated fats increase the need for vitamin B and magnesium Molasses, Brewer's Yeast and wheat germ are rich in "B" vitamins

* 2 T. of vinegar a day in pickles, cabbage, beans, tomatoes, drizzled on top of grilled vegetables or salads or in the case of balsamic vinegar as a topping for ripe strawberries.

*Carrying extra weight is the #1 controllable risk factor for diabetes.
Being active for 30 min a day, 5 days a week, reduce the risk of diabetes by up to 50%. Walking is excellent!

*Type 2 diabetes linked to high blood sugar. Fiber from both fresh or dried fruits are high in soluable fiber, the type shown to reduce the risk of diabetes by cutting cholesterol and regulating blood sugar levels.

Load up on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and soy. All are rich in fiber, which prevents overeating and helps keep the blood sugar steady.
(Bring your veggies home and immediately cut up and bag them for the freezer so you can grab a bag and make soup or stir-fry. Leave enough out for salads)

*Eat oily fish like tuna or salmon twice a week to help reduce the amount of saturated fats in their diet and because it supplies omega-3 polyunsaturated acids, which protect against heart disease, the No. 1 killer of diabetics.

*Mormordica, a member of the cucumber family helps lower blood sugar--even in people with Type 2 diabetes. Indians have used this herb for hundreds of years to cleanse the blood and control insulin levels. Buy it as a liquid extract, tablet or tea at health food stores.

*Drink milk- adding whey, a protein in milk, to high carbohydrate meals increases insulin secretion and lower blood sugar levels. Researchers say it may happen that whey protein is highly digestible and releases high levels of amino acids in the blood. The acids summon the insulin release that's necessary to control blood sugar. The men who drank the most low-fat milk had a 23 percent lower risk of developing diabetes than men who drank only a little milk.

*Boston University researchers found that people who slept too little (six hours or less a night) were 66% more likely to have diabetes than those who slept seven to eight hours. Insufficient sleep causes the release of adrenaline-like substances that induce insulin resistance.

*Researchers at Johns Hopkins have determined that in people age 55 to 75, a moderate program of physical exercise can significantly offset the potentially deadly mix of risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, but many people don't eat that much fish.

*Diet and exercise prevents the development of diabetes by 58%. Simple lifestyle changes can be powerful in getting diabetes under control.

*Fiber seriously slows absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, controlling blood sugar and improving levels of blood-sugar hormones.

Good high-fiber choices
Popcorn- 3 cups of lite microwave 12-15 g fiber and 45-60 caloriesd
Fiber cereal (All bran or Fiber one, 1/2 cup) 10-14 g fiber and 60-80 calories
Raisin Bran 1 cup 7 g fiber and 190 calories
Whole wheat pasta, 1 cup cooked 6g fiber and 174 calories
Beans (kidney, lentils, chickpeas) 1/2 cup 5-8 g fiber and 100-140 calories
Chili, 1 cup Wendy's 5g fiber and 220 calories
Potato 5g fiber and 220 calories
Whole grain bread, light 1 slice 5 g fiber and 40 calories
Kiwi fruit 2 fruit 5 g fiber and 91 calories
Dried figs 2 4g fiber and 95 calories
Oatmeal 1 cup cooked 4g fiber and 150 calories
Apple 1 medium 3g fiber and 72 calories
Sweet potato 3g fiber and 117calories
Orange 1 medium 3g fiber and 60 calories
Barley 1/2 cup 3g fiber and 96 calories
Peas 1/2 cup 3g fiber and 59 calories
Avocado, 1/3 3g fiber and 102 calories
Vegetable soup 3/4 cup 2 g fiber and 52 calories
Berries 1/2 cup 2-4 g fiber and 20-40 calories
Green beans 1/2 cup 2 g fiber and 22 calories
Carrots 3/4 cup 2 g fiber and 45 calories
Snow or sugar snap peas 3/4 c 2 g fiber and 31 calories
Whole-grain bread, regular 1 slice 2g fiber and 90 calories
Romaine lettuce or spinach 1 1/2 cups 2g fiber and 12 calories
Hummus, 1 Tbs 1 g fiber and 26 calories
Broccoli 1/2 cup 1g fiber and 12 calories

Grapefruit stabilizes blood sugar, which is how it helps in weight loss.
(1/2 a grapefruit or an eight oz. glass of grapefruit juice with each meal).

*Artificial sweeteners trick your body into thinking that it is going to get sugar so it will then crave sugar until it gets it.

*Adults who ate the most red meat had a somewhat higher risk of Type 2 diabetes.

*White flour and rice and sweeteners, such as high fructose corn syrup include sugar (which turns to fat!). High fructose corn syrup is in many fruit juices....check the bottle or can! Low in fiber, they are absorbed quickly, causing blood sugar to spike, stimulating your pancreas to produce insulin.

*Avoid alcohol which depletes the body of B-Vitamins and magnesium.

*Be careful with Glucosamine, which is used for osteoarthritis pain and rebuilds damaged cartilage as it may reduce the effectiveness of insulin.
Inhalable insulin Exubera approved by FDA.

*Avoid hydrogentated fats Trans-fats, these tend to be linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and more. On the rare occasions one must eat out order broiled or baked.

*Bread may contain transfat as it is expected to sit on shelves for long periods of time. Avoid prepared cookies, cakes, crackers and other foods as they too contain the transfat. Use olive oil instead of butter or margarine.

*Lose a few pounds. Losing even ten pounds can make a difference. For people ages 50-71, being overweight increases the risk of premature death from all causes by 20% to 40%.
You can find many helpful foods that help with weightloss by simply following a Diabetic meal plan, this is great even if you are not Diabetic Smile

*Exercise reduces blood sugar, helps you lose weight and can prevent heart disease, the leading cause of death among people with diabetes. Walk for 20-30 minutes a day.

*Since fat has nine calories per gram, and protein and carbs have only four, when you eat less fat you eat fewer calories. This includes good fats, so limit them too.

*Pray. Under stress, your body produces hormones that make blood sugar rise. Chronic stress can cause insulin resistance, which in turn may promote diabetes.

To help stabilize blood sugar:
600 mcg of Chromium to relieve depress for 54% of women- stabilizing blood sugar improves brains ability to produce mood boosting hormones while cutting hunger and fat storage.

Get at least 7-8 hours sleep or you risk blood sugar problems by 34% because lack of sleep dampens your body's ability to use sugar controlling insulin.
Drink milk at bedtime to sleep better and be significantly more alert the next day. Any variety even lactose-reduced, skim, full-fat or flavored will work.
Green tea and black tea lower blood sugar.

Millions of Americans are pre-diabetic and prone to blood sugar problems, food cravings, mood swings and weight gain if they indulge in sugary treats, like sodas, Popsicles and ice cream.
Use tulsi (holy basil). Its active ingredients, cut blood sugar, easing carb cravings and mood swings. The study proven dose 400 mg to 900 mg daily.

When children squirm, nag and misbehave in lines or long car rides it could very well be their blood sugar level. Give them apples, granola and bananas instead.
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