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PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2006 8:00 am    Post subject: Natural Selections (Walls, Floors & Countertops) Reply with quote

Natural Selections
New materials and products for walls, floors, and countertops let you build healthier without sacrificing looks or performance.

Hardly a day goes by when we here at This Old House aren’t sent some new environmentally friendly product to review. And we see dozens more throughout the year at building trade shows and so-called green expos. But for the homeowner who’s trying to decide which countertop material or tube of caulk to choose, it can be hard to separate the truly innovative options from mere green window dressing. So we’ve done some of the work for you. Here are a handful of choices for walls, floors, counters, and workshop that have a big design impact but make a small demand on earth’s resources.

Forest-friendly Paneling
Two versatile new paneling products are made from renewable materials. The first is Kirei board, an engineered panel made by heat-pressing the discarded stalks of harvested northern Chinese sorghum plants, a cereal crop. The result is a stylish wood substitute that can be used for walls, floors, ceilings, and cabinetry. It comes in three thicknesses—3/8, 3/4, or 11/4 inch. About $9 per square foot;

Plyboo’s 3/4-inch-thick Neopolitan board is also made by made by compressing stalks, in this case bamboo, with a low-VOC adhesive, to the point that they become twice as hard as red oak. But unlike oak, ­bamboo can grow to maturity in just four years, which makes it a popular sustainable substitute. The blend of natural and “caramelized” bamboo—so called because pressure-heating causes the sugar compounds to darken to a deep amber ­color—gives this stuff, which can be used for flooring, paneling, or furniture, the look of an exotic species without the harvesting. $190 per 2.5-by-6-foot sheet;

Counterfeit is made with shredded money, creating a positively rich surface material.

Recycled Greenbacks
The name—Counterfeit—is almost absurdly clever, since this sturdy countertop material is made with actual shredded cash, straight from the Federal Reserve. The paper fibers are mixed with a nontoxic adhesive, then pressed into a scratchproof, waterproof, and stain-resistant slab. It’s great for countertops, sink surrounds, or tables. Since it machines like Corian and other countertop material, you can saw, drill, screw, or rout it. $45-$65 per square foot (about the same as solid surfacing);

Born-Again Porcelain
When it comes to performance, it’s hard to beat porcelain. It’s tough, scratch and stain resistant, impermeable, and, in the case of Eco-Gres Ultra porcelain tiles, earth friendly. Eco-Gres is made in Italy using 30 to 50 percent post-industrial porcelain—material that was broken or discarded during the manufacturing process. The colorful, 3⁄16-inch tiles are as strong as granite thanks to a fiberglass-binder backing, and can be used on walls, floors, and counters. About $16 per square foot, sold in 39-by-118-inch sheets ($511 per sheet);

Fume-free Polish
The best part of any refinishing project is when all the stripping and sanding and staining is done, and you make your handiwork gleam with a final coat of polish. Daddy Van’s new line of natural furniture-care products, made with pure, unrefined beeswax and “aromatherapy grade” lavender oil (no synthetics here), can make buffing your furniture an uplifting experience. Literally, since lavender is touted for its mood-elevating properties. $11.95;

Green Grease
If you’re tired of spraying the ground (not to mention yourself) with petroleum distillates every time you fire up the chain saw, Stihl’s got a solution for you. Vegetable-oil-based Bioplus chain lubricant and bar oil is safer for animals, micro­organisms and, best of all, you. Its flow characteristics are similar to traditional lubricants, and it has a high flash point. It’s also about 94 percent biodegradable. $7.95 for a 1-liter bottle;

You can polish wood, clean counters, wash windows, caulk gaps, even lube your chain saw— all without toxic chemicals. Some companies, like Howard Naturals and Seaside Naturals, specialize in green products, but even main­stream manufacturers like Stihl and OSI are getting in on the act.

Low-VOC Sealants
Just as the paint industry is lowering the amount of VOC (volatile organic compounds) in its products, so too are caulk and adhesives manufacturers. OSI is now on board with its new Green Series H2U acrylic urethane sealant for windows and siding. Durable, easy to clean up with water, and mold-and-mildew resistant, it has a VOC content of just 5 grams per liter—twelve times less than OSI’s standard polyurethane sealant. At $3.99, it costs about the same as ­regular sealants. OSI also offers low-VOC acrylic latex caulk, deck and subfloor adhesive, and drywall adhesive;

Rec-Room Rubber
When you’re a kid, there’s nothing better than playing on an old tire swing—even if that tire swing has been ground into rubber granules, wiped clean of dirt and grime, and laid down by Mommy and Daddy as colorful floor tiles in your playroom. Though used primarily in commercial buildings, ECOsand recycled-rubber tiles, which come in 36-by-36-inch or 18-by-18-inch tile sizes, work great as a soft, easy-to-clean surface for playrooms, kitchens, or home gyms. Best of all, if one tile gets worn out, you can just peel it up and slap down a new one. $6–$9 per square foot;

Our thanks to—Pam Davis at
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