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When's the best time to go shopping?

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:24 pm    Post subject: When's the best time to go shopping? Reply with quote

Choosing a good time to go shopping can make or break your shopping experience & deals. I have found over the last few years that if I go at certain times I get better deals and have better experiences. Of course these are my rules I shop by so you may need to find your own depending on your stores. Anyone got any other hints?

I shop at Publix almost exclusively on Wednesdays. Their sale ads come out so I know what is going to be on sale the next week, that way I don't buy something that will be cheaper in a few days. Since Publix does not mark down meat, it is pretty safe to go anytime during the day, mornings seem to be the best for them because the stores are super stocked and they are empty!

Grocery Stores for Meat
If you go first thing in the morning normally you can get the "Managers Specials" which are meat marked down super cheap. Sweet Bay, Albertson's and Winn Dixie are great for getting super cheap meat in the morning. Of course this varies by store so don't hesitate to ask your butcher when they do mark downs. Rumor has it that Target actually marks theirs down at night!

While chain stores have good deals on produce I still find the best deals at local Farmer's markets. Check your area for a Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. They usually have great produce/fruit for a fraction of the cost of supermarkets. Not too mention I love supporting local farmers and it is fun for the whole family, so you get a great deal and they stay in business!

Walgreens and CVS
If at all possible go in the morning, preferably on Sunday, since thats when their sales start. You have the best bet of them having what you want and being fully stocked first thing in the morning and the day the sale starts. If you have to go during the week avoid the rush times, during lunch and around 5:00. They are the busiest then and the people in line and the cashiers won't be as forgiving to you doing 6 deals with a line of people! Also I have found making a trip at the beginning of the month is crucial to scoring all the great clearance deals since they normally do mark downs around the 1st!

Of course there are no deals on Gas, other than looking at the bottom of your store reciept (such as Smith's grocery stores), for a certain % off when you purchase a specific amount of items during each store visit.
You can also get more for your money by filling up at certain times.
Go early in the morning as gas expands with heat so you get less when you fill up in the heat of the day. Also never fill up when there is a tanker truck refilling the station, it stirs up the junk in the bottom of the tank, when this happens it ends up IN your tank!

These are a few of my tips but what are yours...when do you find your best deals? Do you see a difference in your experiences if you go at certain times?
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