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Attention Shoppers! (Don’t forget your checklist)

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:58 am    Post subject: Attention Shoppers! (Don’t forget your checklist) Reply with quote

Thanks to LitterMan
When I first took flying lessons, my instructor taught me about the pre-flight checklist. You check everything about your airplane before take-off. As my instructor pointed out, “When you get into trouble at 25,000 feet, you can’t pull over to the side of the road.”
Lesson learned.

This is a good time to be a shopper. Stores have inventory and they want to sell it to you. There are deals galore. But before you take off on a shopping spree, go through your Shopping Savings List first.

• Why am I going shopping? Is it just to shop around or to get something I really need?
• Am I sure I really, absolutely need this?
• Is the cash in my pocket better in my bank or in the store’s bottom line?
• If I do shop, am I prepared to shop around for the best deal?
• Do I have it in me to “Wheel and Deal?”
• Am I ready to walk away? Sometimes, after you’ve thought about it more, you realize you really don’t want to spend that money.

The first thing to avoid is stopping by any store just because you happen to be driving by. You have to plan. Strategy. Remember your Shopping Savings List. And remember in these economic times, it’s like a game of tennis. Advantage shopper.

Advantage #1
Whether it’s shoes, jeans or flat screen televisions, you have a choice of stores. Shop around.

Avoid the temptation to pay for a label rather than a product. A pair of jeans, for example, is just a pair of jeans. Denim is denim; one of the most basic fabrics on earth. Think about your closet at home. How many jeans do you already have? Do you really need another pair?

Your big challenge is with big ticket items like big screen TV’s. Do you really need a 50-inch plasma, or can you just move your couch closer and buy the 36-inch screen? And just what is the REAL price? You know, extended warranties, installation, and time missed from work waiting for the delivery sometime between noon and 5pm? (Why is it always 4:45 when they show up?)

Advantage #2.
Salespeople are hungry these days. Once you’ve picked out something you want to buy, ask them, “Is this the best price you can do?” If they’re not willing to negotiate a little, call a competing store while you’re standing in front of them, and ask the other store what they’re charging for the same or similar item. Never repeat their price over the phone. Say things like, “Uh huh, really? For the same television? Free delivery and installation? How long are you open?”

Then, start to walk away. If the sales person hasn’t already fainted, they’ll come running after you, maybe not with a better price, but willing to toss in some extras like an extended warranty, free installation and the like.

Do your best to conceal your smile.

Advantage #3
I have two syllables for you. Cou-pons. In case you subscribe to one of those things called a newspaper, clip coupons. It takes a few minutes but when you hand them over at the checkout counter, it’s a wonderful feeling.
See the Savings Class ~ Smart Shopping Tips & obtaining Coupons.

Click, print, ka-ching.
You can also get printable coupons online
But like everything, check your prices. 10 cents off a dollar item sounds good, unless there’s similar item that costs just 80 cents.

Advantage #4.
Self discipline. It’s the hardest to come by but will save you the most. Ditch your ego. Take health clubs as an example. The goal is to get in shape, right? Why spend your money on the razzle and dazzle of expensive health clubs when the local “Y” does the same thing for far less? Get buff with cash left over for other stuff.

Advantage #5.
Your eyes. All stores use shelves to display products. The products at eye-level are always the most expensive. The people who make those products pay for placement and pass the cost on to you. At a grocery store, for example, look up and look down. Sometimes brand doesn’t really matter; tomato soup is tomato soup once it’s in the bowl.

There are two kinds of shoppers. Those with Shopping Savings Lists and those with just a shopping list.

See you at the check-out! I’ll know who you are right away. You’ll be the one with the smile on your face and money left in your wallet.
See your next secret goldbox deal
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