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Did ya' know? (Consumer Info: About Coupons)

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:07 pm    Post subject: Did ya' know? (Consumer Info: About Coupons) Reply with quote

For more than 100 years, coupons have been the preferred method for packaged goods manufacturers to deliver incentives directly to the consumer. In 1894, a druggist named Asa Candler bought the formula for Coca-Cola for $2,300. To promote the beverage, he gave out handwritten tickets for a free glass of his new fountain drink. Since that time, coupons have evolved to become an integral part of many marketing campaigns.

In addition to consumer packaged goods, many other industries have adopted couponing as a popular method of motivating potential buyers. Today, coupons remain one of the most widely used promotional tactics because they consistently deliver measurable results.

C.W. Post distributed the first grocery coupon worth one cent toward his new health cereal, Grape Nuts.

Coupons became staples in American households because of the Depression. Everyone needed to save money and clipping coupons helped clip weekly grocery bills.

Supermarkets began to sprout across the country and continued the coupon tradition that began in neighborhood grocery stores.

Coupon clearinghouses were established for greater efficiency; co-op direct mail coupons introduced.

One-half of Americans were coupon users.

Free-standing Inserts (FSIs) were introduced, and coupon popularity continued to grow. Over 35 billion coupons were distributed and 65% of American households clipped!

Electronic "purchase triggered" coupons were available at checkout; early retail "frequent shopper" programs and electronic discounts rewarded shoppers for store loyalty.

Industries other than packaged goods adopted couponing; Sunday's free-standing inserts included coupons for national fast food chains, and local businesses began participating in direct mail co-op opportunities. Taking advantage of new technologies, distribution methods became increasingly diverse: in-store coupons were dispensed from ATMs, electronic shelf coupons attracted consumers at the point of sale, in-store coupon kiosks were introduced, and the first Internet-delivered coupons were delivered in the home. Processing, analysis and reporting also became more sophisticated: the first one-count coupon clearing program was established to speed information and payments, retail in-ad services became an option, and the first coupon geographic marketing analysis was introduced to further enhance reporting.

Procter & Gamble tested a zero-coupon policy in upstate New York. Consumers responded negatively and boycotted P&G products.

2000 and Beyond.

Consumers redeemed more than 3.6 billion coupons in 2002, saving more than $3.0 billion.
Procter & Gamble introduced Brand Saver, a well-integrated multi-brand marketing program designed to entice consumers with savings from multiple Sunday newspaper coupon inserts, and supported by magazine advertising, tie-in promotions with retailers, a Brand Saver website and electronic newsletters.
FSI co-equity programs that allow manufacturers and retailers to work together to promote specific products grew rapidly.
New methods of coupon distribution, including clipless, Internet, on-cart and mobile coupons, continue to appear as marketers compete to find the best ways to target, reach and incentify consumers.
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