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Heart smart foods

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 12:56 pm    Post subject: Heart smart foods Reply with quote

Magnesium helps stop angina. Here are some magnesium rich foods:
Brazil nuts
Avoid alcohol as it depletes your body of B-Vitamins and magnesium.)

CoQ10- antioxident needed for rapid energy production inside heart cells. Need 150 mg daily (minimum) to cut the need for "pain stopping" nitro by as much as 54%. (Oily fish, red and organ meats, soy oil and peanuts)

L-Carnitine found in meat, poultry, fish and eggs can cut number of flare-ups.)

Eating apples may help stifle blood clots and plaque in arteries, which lead to heart disease. Example two more apples a day or 1 1/2 c. of 100% apple juice a day slowed changes in bad LDL cholesterol that contributes to artery and clogging plaque. European studies suggest less fatal heart disease and 40% fewer strokes in apple eaters.

Foods that help protect your heart:
olive oil
fatty fish (salmon, tuna sardines)
green tea
Guards against heart disease:
Omega 3 fatty acids--250-500 mg DHA and 250-500 EPA daily with food.,
Eat 5 oz. of fish a week to cut risk by 38%. Helps lower blood pressure and prevent clogged arteries. If you aren't getting enough Omega 3 it results in short term memory loss and reduced mental abilities)
Walnuts are one of the best omega 3 foods. apples
applesauce with cinnamon
cocoa-dark chocolate
green, red or yellow peppers
One serving a day of tomatoes (or ketchup) can cut risk of cardiovascular disease by 32%.
brown rice
beans, lentils or other whole grains work to cut level of amino acid homocysteine which can double your risk of Alzheimers.

Avoid hydrogenated, oxidized, fat or heat processed fats typically found in margarine, vegetable shortening or fried foods. They are sources of the unhealthy trans-fats linked to heart disease.

400 mcg of folic acid in a multi vitamin or Vitamin B (complex)

Fiber -fresh or dried fruits are high in soluable fiber, the type shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by cutting cholesterol and regulating blood sugar levels.d

Optimism -Having a bright outlook on life slashes your risk of dying of heart disease by 50%

Walk to reduce risk.

Deep breathing lowers heart rate.d
Heart attacks linked to high blood sugar.

Don't smoke and avoid second hand smoke which increases risk by 30%.

Make love more often gets estrogen circulating or drink 2 cups of soy milk a day.

Bread (100% whole grain) (preferably toasted and with the crusts)

Physical exercise can significantly offset the potentially deadly mix of risk factors for heart disease and diabetes

Guggul an extract made from the gum of an Indian tree, significantly lowered heart-damaging cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride levels up to 23% after 3 moths use. 25 mg three times a day

Signs of heart trouble in women- unexplained indigestion, heartburn or gas-like pain, nausea, sweating, shortness of breath, sudden weakness or fainting, dizziness, pain between the shoulder blades, a sense of impending doom.

Cold temperatures in winter and keeping the air conditioning too low in summer can cause heart attacks. Cold temperatures cause blood vessels to tighten, interfering with circulation and straining the heart.

1/2 soy nuts daily to load up on isoflavones, natural compounds that relax artery walls and blood pressure will drop by as much as 10 points.
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